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Impress is your secret to the perfect smile.

More than just an aesthetic dental treatment, Impress is a team of professional orthodontists led by Dr Khaled Kasem, with the goal of creating a community of satisfied and self-confident patients.

Born from the idea that, although conventional orthodontics results in an improvement in oral health and aesthetics, the process is long, tedious and not at all aesthetic – contrary to what the patient desires. From the beginning, the purpose of Impress is to make orthodontics a treatment that is comfortable, transparent and digitised.

Impress only works with invisible orthodontics. All of the clinic’s investments are made to the latest technology in orthodontics, so it can offer you the most advanced treatment and service; the 3D scan, video results of the treatment and digital monitoring are some of the innovations in the sector.

At Impress, leading specialists in oral health will assess each case individually to achieve the desired result. For them, there is no better reward than making you smile.

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