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6th January 2015

Your feedback, your Mailbox. We've got it covered.

As we edge closer to the re-launch of your brand new Mailbox, we caught up with retail manager David Pardoe to find out all about the latest refurbishment milestone.

“The Mailbox has undergone many changes since I joined the team seven years ago, but none as significant and as highly anticipated as the installation of the brand new roof.

As the final pane of glass was skilfully slotted into place last week, it marked a major stage in the era of the new Mailbox. Gone are the days of our customers valiantly trying to stay dry as they dodge the rain between the canopies; we’ve gone undercover.

The roof’s sky-lit design ensures that the Mailbox is still flooded with natural light. The most exciting moment for me was the first morning after the roof was completed, standing in the main area as the sun rose and watching the whole place light up – it was a fantastic way to see the new space.

It’s not surprising that the addition of a roof was the most popular piece of feedback we received throughout the consultation process. Expectations have changed; our customers wanted the building to reflect the quality of retail outlets on offer at the Mailbox. Luxury brands have also shifted their preferences from a more open high street feel to an enclosed centre environment, making this the perfect time for us to introduce the roof to the Mailbox.

One example is our flagship Harvey Nichols store, which took the decision to move to a much larger space within the Mailbox as a result of the planned roof. Customers can move freely around the centre and to the new store without being exposed to the elements, ensuring a luxurious and relaxed feel throughout.

Another exciting development is the creation of the ‘urban room’, a social space in which to relax and unwind. Grab a quick coffee and a catch up with friends, enjoy a casual business meeting or simply take a quick break from some retail therapy, the inviting area with comfortable seating is a welcome addition to the new Mailbox.