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13th August 2013

TLC For Your Car

Timing your car wash just right in the great British summer is no mean feat. However, given that the forecast is telling us it probably won’t rain this weekend, I parked up at H20 in The Mailbox car park for a two star valet.

I actually enjoy washing my car myself, but just can’t get it quite as gleaming and sweet smelling as the guys do at H20. Plus their wash seems to last a good few weeks longer than mine. Also, cleaning a car’s wheels is just too much like a thankless, nail-damaging task. Again, thankfully they look spotless.

Pop inside the hut to pay and you’ll be greeted by the beachy, tropical scents of the unique fruity car fresheners, which claim to last up to 60 days. Nothing beats driving home in a clean car, imagining you’re escaping our British summer for one on the Californian coastline!

H20 TLC for my car at The Mailbox