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31st March 2014

Time to be brow-wowed at Benefit

The current vogue is for thick and full eyebrows. Originally starting on the catwalk the trend has transcended the high fashion shows and magazine shoots and now the most beautiful women in Hollywood are sporting the fuller face furniture.

Unfortunately, unlike the hair on every other part of a woman’s body, once you’ve plucked brows are notoriously difficult to grow back. Cardinal sin number one; do not over pluck. Sadly, this was a rule I did not follow and in the mid 90s, when I thought I knew best and was influenced by the ever present Kate Moss, I took the tweezers and got to work.

Fast forward to the present day and I’ve tried a whole host of techniques and products to help thicken and shape my sparse looking brows. The correct brow shape can lift the eye and slim the face so I decided I needed an expert to show me the error of my ways and put me on the straight and narrow (which is a pretty accurate description of my brows pre-visit).

I booked to have a brow consultation at Benefit’s Brow Bar at Harvey Nichols. My consultant, Nosh, explained we were going to go on a brow journey together – her confidence that my brows could once again be voluminous and her enthusiasm and passion for her work was infectious – and I felt immediately reassured and excited about the whole process.

She set about first explaining and showing me what brow shape would suit my face. To determine where my brows should start she held a make-up brush along one side of my nose. Where it crossed the inner corner of my brow that’s where it should begin. She then angled the brush across my iris; that’s where my arch should start and then the angle to the end of the outer corner of my eye determines where my brow should finish.

Nosh brushed my hair and trimmed any hair that was longer than my brow shape.  The method Benefit uses to remove hair is waxing. For those who have not had this done before let me reassure you that it is not a painful process and is over within a matter of seconds. I was surprised when she recommended that I have my brows tinted. Being dark already I was unsure how this would help but I ‘browed’ down to her superior knowledge and went with it. When she showed me the results I was absolutely amazed. They looked full, neat and the shape she had managed to achieve was unbelievable.

I’ve always been a fan of Benefit’s Brow Zings, a brow shaping kit which includes a powder but Nosh showed me a new product, Gimme Brow (£17.50 – I wear  medium/deep) which she explained would give me the extra volume I so crave. This innovative brush-on fibre gel sticks to hair AND skin, creating brows where before there were none. Having applied this she finished the look off by setting it with some of the Brow Zing powder.

When she revealed the finished look I was literally ‘Brow-wowed’ (Benefit’s expression not mine!). My brows were thick and my eyes looked open and large. The Gimme Brow was so effective that I bought it there and then and re-booked to visit the Benefit team for the brow arch and tint (£18.00) in a month’s time.

I was slightly nervous that I would struggle to recreate the look once home. However, the tint and shape Nosh achieved means I already have a distinctive and full shape and the Gimme Brow is so easy to apply.

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Benfit’s Brow Bar at Harvey Nichols, the experience is enjoyable and the results fantastic.

Benefit Brow Bar