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21st August 2018

The Unisex Scents We’re Loving In Time For Autumn

Wave goodbye to summer scents and say hello to deep, aromatic autumn fragrances.


Liwa, £215, Widian

Studio Session-176B

Top: Jasmine | Middle: Amber | Bottom: Sandalwood

Named after the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi, this opulent fragrance evokes a sense of sensuality and elegance with top notes of Jasmine and Saffron. This predominantly smoky scent also has hints of Incense and Oud that come through to create an exotic feel. 


Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate, £75, Hermès

Studio Session-132

Top: Rhubarb | Middle: Red berries | Bottom: White musk

Freshen yourself up with a spritz of this fruity fragrance. The clue’s in the name, so if it’s a sweet yet revitalising scent you’re after, this is the one for you. With a vivid red bottle, this will also make a statement in your collection and as summer comes to a close, it’s is the perfect transitional scent to ease you into the cooler months. 


Unsaid Eau de Parfum, £95, ROADS

Studio Session-146

Top: Bergamot | Middle: Açaí berry | Bottom: Leather

With top notes of Bergamot combined with Açaí Berry and Tuscan Leather, this unusual scent is said to encourage both inner and outward confidence. For something a little bit different to your average fragrance, this is definitely worth trying. 


Replica Soul of the Forest, £130, Maison Margiela

Studio Session-233

Top: Blackcurrant | Middle: Balsam Fir | Base: Patchouli

Escape city life and be transported to the deep green forest with this Maison Margiela fragrance. Think ancient wood, moss and natural greenery as this unusual scent will leave you craving the great outdoors. 


Perfect Oud, £175, Mizensir

Studio Session-283

Top: Bulgarian rose | Middle: Iris | Base: Cedar

Mainly woody with aromatic, spicy accords this powerful fragrance is a fine combination of Rose Wood and Oud, creating a completely gender neutral scent that will take you all the way from your morning coffee to kicking back in the evening. 


Ombre Sauvage, £85, Herve Gambs

Studio Session-166B

Top: Pink pepper | Middle: Haitian vetiver | Base: Tonka bean

Designed for the ‘independent men and women who live according to their own rules’, Ombre Sauvage by Herve Gambs is an irresistible modern scent, heavily focused around leather, with notes of Birch Wood, Pink Pepper and Vetiver Roots. 


All fragrances available at Harvey Nichols.