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28th May 2019

The Solihull Sisters Behind Luxury Jewellery Brand


Luxury jewellery brand Soru – launched by Solihull sisters Francesca and Marianna Doyle – is now available from Harvey Nichols Birmingham. The sought-after collection features statement pieces that boast a host of famous fans including the Duchess of Cambridge, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessie J, Rita Ora and Goldie Hawn.

Soru – meaning “sisters” in Sicilian – was established by the British-Sicilian siblings to imitate the bold style of the exquisite Italian island. Their ethically-handmade range includes semi-precious and crystal-encrusted designs brimming with ornate flair.

“Back in 2013 we both had small children and had left our careers to take care of them full time,” explains Francesca. “This gave us the perfect opportunity to have a go at creating our own jewellery, something we had always dreamed of. We set ourselves the goal that if things did not work out by the time our children began school we would give it up and find alternative jobs. But if it did work out we could create a career around our own working hours, doing what we loved as well as being there for our children. Thankfully it worked out, our children started school and we still have Soru.

“Our philosophy has always been to create a high quality fusion of statement and everyday jewellery using precious metals and semi precious gemstones. We believe jewellery is for everyday and all occasions. A special piece of jewellery has the power to transform a look and the mood of the wearer and our jewellery is created with every woman of every age in mind,” she adds.

“Today we are still very much hands on – the mail-outs are all created by Marianna and I take images on my iPhone for social media and answer all direct messages myself. All updates on our website are created by us and although we now have our best friends working with us we still answer customer service emails and package up orders.”

Launching in store and online at Harvey Nichols has proved a great success for the sisters – and they particularly enjoy visiting the Mailbox store to see their work on display. “It’s especially exciting for us as it means we now have a stockist where we can take our whole family to see Soru displayed,” says Francesca. “It’s a dream come true for us, to not only see the collection in our local store where we regularly shop ourselves but to be able to share that experience with our children and see just how excited they are too.”

With an English mother and a Sicilian father, Francesca and Marianna spent their childhood summers holidaying with their grandmother in Palermo. “The stark contrast between our life in Solihull and our holidays in Sicily left a great impression on us and we particularly remember the women we were surrounded by; strong, passionate and always draped in lots of bijoux jewellery. We take our inspiration from those women, those memories and our love for the passion of Sicily itself.”

Soru Jewellery is available exclusively in Birmingham at Harvey Nichols.