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18th February 2020

The Next Chapter Of The Iconic CK ONE Story Is Revealed

Calvin Klein Underwear are excited to reveal the new CK ONE underwear collection and CK EVERYONE, a clean fragrance, both inspired by the raw and rebel spirit of the original CK ONE. The collection and fragrance are unveiled in a global advertising campaign, proclaiming, I am one, I am many. I love everyone of me.”

The new fashion collections and fragrance mark the next chapter of the iconic CK ONE story. including staple wardrobe pieces with genderless appeal. A tribute to individuality and the freedom of self-expression, the campaign features an all-star cast.

The energetic, enigmatic visuals explore the many aspects of self, boldly embracing and proudly showcasing to the world a collective individuality and shattering of the status quo. It is a powerful celebration for those unconstrained by boundaries, gender norms and definitions.