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8th February 2021

Q&A with Harvey Jones Kitchens

In anticipation of the doors to its new showroom reopening on Level 2, we caught up with Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones Kitchens, to discuss what visitors can expect from the new-look showroom, as well as some top kitchen design tips and the latest trends for this season.

What can visitors expect from your new showroom on Level 2?

The new space offers two levels of inspirational kitchen displays, presenting the incredible quality of our handmade kitchens. From traditional to modern, visitors can view all our available styles, as well as functional details, design directions and organizational options.

The showroom is fully equipped with an immersive client planning zone that ensures all of the finishing touches are at your fingertips.

Why would you recommend someone books into a consultation at Harvey Jones?

To truly understand the quality of our individually crafted kitchens we recommend booking a consultation with one of our talented designers, Faye or Hannah. They will talk through our five timeless styles, the benefits of hand-painting the cabinetry in situ, and our ability to source a wide range of finishing touches and appliances.

Viewing the showroom will help customers to picture how a kitchen will look in their own home. The designer can demonstrate our use of traditional joinery techniques to create kitchens that offer unrivalled durability. Faye and Hannah are experts in their field and are available to help inspire our clients to create a kitchen uniquely suited to their lifestyle.

What are the latest kitchen trends?

We continue to see a great variety of kitchen trends at the moment. A mixture of glass storage cabinetry and open shelving is a great way to add personality with areas for display while still fulfilling storage requirements. As we spend more time in our homes, functionality is becoming increasingly important and so we are designing a lot of kitchens with hidden extraction and less appliances on show to keep worktop spaces tidy, while larders and pantries continue to be in high demand.

Neo-traditionalism is a popular style that works well in many homes, creating a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with character. Greige tones, rather than grey, have become the new neutral and work well against popular green and blue accents. We are also seeing a lot more bold and patterned splashbacks. All of these elements add a lot of fun to the kitchen space, creating an instant wow factor.

Are there any trends you can predict will continue into next year?

Now, more than ever, our clients want their kitchen spaces to be personalised to their needs, adding stylised elements rather than paring back, while still maintaining a sense of organisation.

To make sure our designs fit clients’ individual preferences, we always design with specific colour sections. Being able to hand-paint the cabinetry in any shade offers a wonderful base point, whether the colour scheme is pulled from a specific object of interest, or just tints, tones and colours that have a personal appeal to the owner. While the focus on small details like handle finishes will continue to be important, we will balance this by designing further stylish details like unique sinks and taps.

We also predict the incorporation of layering and texture will emerge as a trend, bringing richness and depth to the space, and there will be a continued focus on eco-friendly design, working with new materials such as reclaimed wood.

What are your top tips for making your kitchen stand-out?

The best way to make your kitchen stand out is to take the time to design it well. Working with an experienced designer will ensure our clients cultivate a kitchen space that is tailored to their everyday needs and personal style. Of course, you want it to look great, but the overall appearance will become even more appealing when each cabinet is complete with efficient and clever storage solutions.

The Harvey Jones showroom is currently closed under the latest government guidelines, however for those looking for kitchen design inspiration, the team at Harvey Jones is offering virtual home visits and is still available to be contacted during opening hours. For more information, visit www.harveyjones.com/showrooms/birmingham .