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1st July 2016

Pick of the Week – Work + Play at Malmaison

This week’s Pick of the Week is Work + Play, the conceptual meeting rooms and event space from Malmaison.

There isn’t much that separates the meeting room you’re in now to the one you were in last week, or the function room you had drinks in afterwards to the one you’re having a drink in today. Unless you’re at Work + Play at Malmaison, which has changed the game.

The Mailbox hotel is the first in the country to roll out this concept of an ultra-flexible, modern space that can host meetings, corporate days, dinners, parties and more. With six meeting rooms, four glass-walled touch-down pods, and a breakout lounge – all serviced with Malmaison professionalism – Work + Play couldn’t be more aptly named.

Pick of the Week is where we showcase the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do at the Mailbox. Check back each week to find out what’s next!