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30th September 2016

Pick of the Week – Steak Experiences at Miller & Carter

Any kind of gift-buying celebration always poses the same question, a question that gets harder with every passing year – what do you buy the person who has everything? Stick a pin in this Pick of the Week as this gift is not only valid for any occasion, it’s also 100% recyclable:  The Miller & Carter Steak Experience.

The Mailbox’s steak specialists offer a range of gift cards, but along with them, recommendations for how they could be spent. Wrapped up perfectly in a professional email, the chosen recipient can see exactly what their prized meal will consist of.

The range consists of sirloin steak and beer priced at £25, fillet steak and wine at £30, Chateaubriand for two at £50, and finally, the visually impressive 30oz Long Bone Tomahawk & wine for two, at £70. With plenty of options available, Miller & Carter has the tricky-celebration-gift covered for the foreseeable future.

Pick of the Week is where we showcase the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do at the Mailbox. Check back each week to find out what’s next!