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24th September 2016

Pick of the Week – Nandos

September is the month to praise the perfect poultry. National Chicken Month is in full swing with plenty of time left to celebrate, and where better than at our Pick of the Week – Nandos.

There is only a handful of people left in the country who answer “no” when the waiter inevitably asks “Have you been here before?”, but very few steer away from their trusted order. With so much to choose from, we’d like to highlight some overlooked treasures to try during National Chicken Month:

Churrasco Thigh Burger – Stepping away from the traditional chicken breast burger, this under-ordered delight is two barbequed chicken thighs, served with rich cheddar, coleslaw and signature PERinaise, all sandwiched in a Portuguese roll.

Chicken Livers – Many may shy away from this hidden gem due to fear of the unknown. But leave your scepticism at the door – it is chicken month after all – and see if this unique dish will switch things up forever.

The Platter – Sharing is caring, but it’s an ethos that’s all too often forgotten at Nando’s. Hot off the grill is the new Fino Platter – a whole spatchcock chicken, sweet potato wedges, Fino coleslaw, chargrilled veg and PERi-buttered corn. At £23.95, this is whole lot more for your money than two meals for one!

Even if you only alter the temperature of your Nando’s sauce this month, make a change in your chicken this September.

Pick of the Week is where we showcase the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do at the Mailbox. Check back each week to find out what’s next!