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22nd July 2016

Pick of the Week – Kitchen Gallery’s Vacuuming Drawer

This week’s Pick of the Week is a kitchen gadget to transform your cooking, with Gaggenau’s Vacuuming Drawer now exclusively available at Kitchen Gallery.

Sous-vide (or ‘under vacuum’) cooking has received plaudits from star chefs for the natural flavour and unrivalled texture of the food. Gaggenau’s Vacuuming Drawer automatically seals your food, creating the perfect conditions for steaming. With a fully automatic cleaning system and an accurate temperature regulation, the drawer simplifies this form of cooking.

This pioneering kitchen creation doesn’t just lend itself to sous-vide cooking though; freshly prepared food such as sauces, and even opened jars can be sealed, therefore extending storage life. Call into the showroom at the Mailbox to see all the features on offer.

Kitchen Gallery runs events and demonstrations throughout the year, spotlighting their forward-thinking products and latest cooking trends. To sign up for these events, go to www.kitchengallery.co.uk

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