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24th August 2016

Pick of the Week – Everyman's Spielburger

There’s so much to love about Everyman – which makes choosing one thing for Pick of the Week tricky. But with Thursday 25th August being National Burger Day, the Spielburger is the perfect winner.

Everyman’s patties are made from dry-aged beef supplied by local butcher Aubrey Allen, served in a fresh, lightly grilled brioche bun. It doesn’t just stop at beef; the menu is made up of chicken burgers, halloumi burgers and a monthly special. For August, try the “Penelope Burger” – deep fried chicken thigh, chipotle mayo, breakfast radish and baby gem lettuce.

All Spielburgers are accompanied with daily hand-cut, skin on fries made using Agria potatoes (the same as Heston uses!) and can be enjoyed at the bar, from the comfort of the cinema’s sofas or even delivered to your door. Those ordering before 6pm Monday to Thursday can have a house burger for just £6 too!

Pick of the Week is where we showcase the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do at the Mailbox. Check back each week to find out what’s next!