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24th February 2017

Pick of the Week – Afternoon Tea at AC Hotel Birmingham

We don’t all watch cricket, wear bowler hats and have portraits of the Queen hanging in our hallways, but one British stereotype we all conform to is our love for afternoon tea. Once seen as the ideal Mother’s Day gift, the accessibility of afternoon tea means it’s as perfect for a group of friends on a Friday as it is for relatives on a Sunday. So as AC Hotel Birmingham announces its new afternoon offerings, it has to be our Pick of the Week.

Afternoon Tea AC Hotel

Available in the AC Lounge to hotel guests and passers-by alike, traditional afternoon tea favourites of sandwiches, sponge cake and scones are served alongside wraps, a fruit tartlet, and chocolate in brownie and cake form. And of course, prosecco and cocktails can be added on, to help you unwind in AC Hotel Birmingham’s uber-comfy lounge.

Served seven days a week, all the booking information including availability times can be seen here: http://bit.ly/2lRqUxc

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