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3rd August 2016

Pick of the Week – International Beer Day at the Mailbox

With the concept cocktails and elegant wines found canalside, it’s easy to forget the array of beer taps that line the Mailbox bars and restaurants. There’s no better way to pay homage to the hops than by making International Beer Day our Pick of the Week.

The first Friday in August is the day to grab your tankard, mug or stein – with the Mailbox bars having a tipple to suit all tastes. Travel the globe in a glass, starting in Belgium with a bottle of blond Vedett in Malmaison. Trek across Europe to Spain for an AC Hotel Estrella (we love the beer pump!); and to Italy for a Birra Moretti from Pennyblacks.

If IPA is more suited to your palette, Chicago is your destination at Gas Street Social, with Goose Island IPA on tap. But if your feet are more comfortable on home soil, head to Harvey Nichols Bar for the locally brewed Purity Lawless Lager – rounding off a truly international, International Beer Day.

Pick of the Week is where we showcase the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do at the Mailbox. Check back each week to find out what’s next!