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18th December 2015

Introducing East Club London

Combining a classic gentleman’s attire, with contemporary design and tailored fits, the new East Club store on level one is home to an exciting collection of casual and formal menswear pieces.

We caught up with owner Juan Acevedo to talk style inspiration, key pieces for the winter season and designing one of GQ magazines top items in the world…

You’ve travelled the globe, visiting and living in some beautiful cities. Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to form the East Club brand?

I was born in Mexico City and grew up in a number of cities around the world including Paris, Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong and London. I studied Art, Architecture, Photography and Finance and made the decision to go into fashion design, this is where my true passion lies. I’ve always liked the idea of owning my own label and I’ve actually never worked in fashion or retail before but I find it very logical and natural to design clothes. Even before I created the East Club brand, I had been designing my own clothes just for fun. One day I decided to start working on my own label and in 2011 I moved to London, where I founded East Club Limited. We are a men’s fashion brand that specialises in affordable luxurious garments and accessories which combine premium fabrics and classic British style with a touch of contemporary haute couture.

You mention living abroad for most of your life, where do you feel you gained the most style inspiration?

I lived for a couple of years in Hong Kong and I used to travel a lot in Asia. I love how people used to dress in the past, everyone was properly dressed even for casual occasions. I guess that my designs have a lot of influence from how the British used to dress during the colonial era. Using European techniques of manufacturing and tailoring but using exciting materials from the “new worlds”.

The use of premium fabrics and textiles from Europe are a key element of your brand.  How do you select the fabrics and materials you use?

I travel a lot to select the finest fabrics around the world. I go to textile fairs in Milan, Paris and Munich and this is where I select most of the fabrics I use, but I have also visited many of the mills I work with. I mostly buy Egyptian, Turkish and Portuguese cottons for shirts and Italian fabrics for suits and jackets as these are of a beautiful quality. These fabrics not only have the classic look and feel but also ensure longevity of the item.

Are you inspired by any particular designers or brands, if so who are they?

I love Lanvin’s use of beautiful designs and luxurious fabrics and my British favourites would have to be Paul Smith and Hackett.

Have you ever been given one piece of style advice that you still swear by today?

Yes! It’s always better to be overdressed than under dressed.

What are your key pieces for the winter season?

I am very proud to say that British GQ just named a jumper from my collection as one of their top 10 items in the world this week. This piece really is the highlight of the collection this season.