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29th September 2014

International Coffee Day at The Mailbox

“Don’t talk to me until I have had my coffee.”

If those words sound familiar then happy International Coffee Day! It’s the perfect excuse to stop off at Starbucks on to your way to work for your much-needed caffeine dose, just in case you need one…

The hero of both mornings and late nights, whether it’s keeping you awake during exam period or giving you the extra energy to finish that work presentation, there’s no denying the nation’s love for a good cup of coffee. The drink of choice for a casual daytime date, the all-important business meeting, or for an instant refresh when out shopping, it’s the perfect saviour for every scenario, and even has its very own day of appreciation.

So why not leave your coffee in the hands of the professionals and pop in to The Mailbox, with both the Harvey Nichols Espresso Bar and Starbucks ready to provide you with your fix? Whether a laid back latte lover, a serious espresso aficionado, mocha enthusiast or a fun frappucino devotee, our baristas make a mean cup of coffee.

With arabica, robusta, venti and grande being part of our everyday vocabulary, has coffee finally overtaken a classic English breakfast tea as the nation’s favourite hot beverage? With the increase of Fairtrade and other sustainable means of growing and distribution, you can now enjoy your favourite drink guilt free too.

We’ll see you in the coffee queue in 5 minutes!