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20th November 2017


Meet the Flints: The husband and wife team behind the set on revealing the secret to skin health. Adam and Maxine used their twenty years of combined industry experience to launch a product range back in 2014 and it wasn’t long until the first Flint + Flint concept opened its doors in Harvey Nichols, Manchester. Fast forward 12 months and a bigger, bolder standalone flagship clinic has just landed on Level 1 of the Mailbox.

We meet with them to find out more….

When, why and how did Flint + Flint start?

Adam – After deciding that a lot of skincare products on the market were ineffective, over-packaged and over-priced we decided to use our expertise in skincare to develop a set of simple, effective and beautifully designed products.

Maxine – It was born out of frustration really, Adam dropped a bottle of my expensive (can’t be named) face cream on a marble floor at home which smashed and after realising what it had cost, that was his Eureka moment. Many brands were making products in impractical packaging and the market is infiltrated expensive products with over-inflated claims.

Adam – We wanted to create something that really worked. Being a close-knit, family run business we wanted to source all packaging, printing, product design and skin care expertise from the UK, this is how we manage to keep a watchful eye on quality.

How was it developed?

Adam – The products were developed based on twenty-year experience of providing over 1.5 million skin treatments in our clinics, selling countless lines of skin care ranges in over 64 countries and working with a team of dermatologists.

How did you get to the concept of an ‘anti-spa’?

Adam – We’ve had skin clinics for 10 years and more, we were instrumental in the way cosmetic dentistry took off in the UK and to be honest it was all a bit boring and generic.  The Flint + Flint clinic was a concept I had in his mind for some time, the ‘anti-spa’ came from not wanting white, bright, chrome and glass and to make it moody, more seductive – sort of when Agent Provocateur met Lingerie – Lingerie was being sold in a stuffy way for 100 plus years and beauty is not that different – where’s the fun and excitement, yes it should be serious but there’s no reason why it can’t be exciting on a retail level.  The Manchester clinic at Harvey Nichols was the first to be made real off the back of thoughts and the concept renderings, the Mailbox clinic has taken this to a whole other level, far greater, far more sexier and a proper wow.

What do the clinics do?

Maxine – The clinics offer a wide range of treatments for every skin concern, from relaxing facials to the more serious stuff like acne or scarring. Flint + Flint also offer the latest in Laser hair removal, wrinkle reducing injectable treatments, oxygen therapy, Micro-Needling, fat freezing Cryolipolysis and much more.

Adam – the clinic also stocks the 11 product Flint + Flint skincare line and a range of candles, washbags and gifts.

Let’s talk about the new Flagship clinic: Why Birmingham?

Maxine – I have deep roots in Birmingham having spent many happy years growing up here, my parents and many old friends still live here and I love coming back to visit. It was a natural choice for us, knowing that  a buzzing, forward-thinking city like Birmingham would embrace our ‘anti-spa’ concept.

Adam – When we heard about the opportunity at the Mailbox we knew straight away this would be our flagship, it’s the perfect stage and fantastic to be surrounded by high-end retailers to collaborate with.

What makes the The Mailbox clinic different? 

Maxine – We believe we have the secret to skin health and can offer something for everyone, whether you are new to skincare, skincare curious, a treatment worshipper or just someone looking for experienced skincare advice.

We specialise in Micro-needling and have an extensive range of advanced automated needling systems aimed at improving the appearance of scars, acne scars, stretch marks and lines and wrinkles.

Flint + Flint Birmingham is an Obagi skincare centre of excellence, the first of its kind in the UK. These prescriptive skincare products allow our doctors and nurses to address specific skin conditions and deliver real results.

The clinic has a very well-rounded offering through its dual offering of indulgent massage menu and sports therapy treatments to its wrinkle reducing injectable treatments and advanced laser therapies for hair removal, sun damage and pigmentation.

We are also very proud of our medical professionals who have over 14 years experience performing aesthetic injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers.  We’ve seen tens of 1,000’s of advanced injectable treatments being performed in our clinics over the past 18 years so we like to think we can spot a good injector when we see one. Our medical professionals are trained to the highest standard so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

What’s next for Flint + Flint?

Adam – As well as developing additional skincare products to add to the Flint + Flint line, we are also out scouting for new locations for more Flint + Flint clinics, we’d love to become the champions of the high street for skincare and open ‘anti-spa’ clinic across the UK. It’s going to be a busy year ahead and we can’t wait.

Want to find out more?

Our clinics are designed to be different and different they are! We call it an ‘anti-spa’ for good reason. There’s no white, no gloss and no chrome. It’s dark and moody, with hot neon lights and textured surfaces.

We wish for everyone to enjoy the benefits of having their very best skin possible. We believe in the merits of skin health and focus on what your skin needs vs what you may think it needs.

Come and meet our team, have an in-depth consultation and let’s get you started. As a Mailbox customer you will receive a complimentary mini facial treatment when you book a skin consultation before 30th Dec 2017. Call 0800 170 0606 and quote ‘mailbox’ to book.