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15th September 2016

Five Minutes With: Kalun Law from Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen Gallery brought world class design to the Mailbox when it opened its doors in June, and ever since, we’ve been experiencing some serious kitchen envy. Filled with the latest gadgets and appliances, and showcasing the latest in luxurious design, Kitchen Gallery’s flagship studio is right at home at the Mailbox.

For our latest interview, we went behind the scenes to talk to Kalun Law, senior designer at Kitchen Gallery, and showroom manager here at the Mailbox to chat trends, yachts and kitchen items he can’t live without…

Hi Kalun! Let’s start with a little about your background and how you got to Kitchen Gallery…

Having graduated in Interior Architecture from the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham), I started my design career at the Boffi studio on Brompton Road – it was a great opportunity which inevitably led me further down the rabbit hole.

Having a degree in interiors, I was keen to explore all areas of design, moving away from the specialism of kitchens that I’d experienced at Boffi. Evitavonni London soon came up with an offer allowing me to do just that, and whilst I was there, the types of projects allowed me to open up my creative abilities to the next level.

Whilst it was great being able to have the freedom to work on a range of different projects, I found myself working more and more on kitchen designs, which led me full circle back to specialising in that area.

I hadn’t planned on moving to the Midlands, but as the saying goes, all good things comes to those who wait! The opportunity came up here and I saw the potential with Kitchen Gallery; with it being close to my roots, I knew that I could achieve great things here.

As the senior designer at Kitchen Gallery, we must say you have great taste. Where do you get your inspiration from when designing new ranges?

It’s hard not to like SieMatic, they have a unique array of styles, which make designing a joy to do. I work closely with the clients too, it’s impossible to see everything and know it all, so sharing inspiration with clients is a good way of bringing home a design concept which fits them and the space. I always recommend Houzz, whether it’s a kitchen or not, it’s easy to use and full of inspirational ideas.


Looking ahead to 2017, what kitchen trends do you see on the horizon?

For colour, we’re still looking at grey tones. I’m currently working on palettes that incorporate a grey colour scheme, without making it feel cold. With worktops, heavy veined man made products are coming through strong, whereas previously you would have had to go with a natural product to achieve similar results. With the type of space people are creating now, expect to see kitchen furniture being brought in to adjacent rooms too.

Being based in the Mailbox puts you in the heart of the city centre – what is your favourite thing to do in Birmingham when you’re not at work?

Climbing! Believe it or not we have the most fantastic indoor climbing centres in the UK. If heights aren’t your thing, then your typical eat, shop & dine with family & friends – with Birmingham’s ongoing redevelopment of the city, there’s definitely plenty of that.

We’ve been eyeing up some of the latest products and technology available at Kitchen Gallery but now we want to know about yours; which kitchen gadget or appliance in your own home could you not live without?

A good gas wok hob, a large fridge and a true boiling hot water tap!

It’s not just homes that Kitchen Gallery helps to design, but also luxury yachts. Have you ever worked with a celebrity client on their dream kitchen?

For Boffi yes…with Kitchen Gallery, not as of yet! However this doesn’t make the designs any less fun or spectacular!

Say we could give you the chance to design a kitchen for a celebrity, who would you choose, what would you include and why?

If we could class ‘James Bond’ as sort of a celebrity, I guess that would be a fun kitchen to design. Not only that, it would be great to include Q’s high tech gadgetry into the concept. We could develop a full worktop made out of induction conductors, ovens that convert into weaponry… perhaps I’ve given this too much thought…

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what would your dream kitchen look like and include?

Open-plan and as I like cooking, a large variety of cooking appliances. A hidden wash area, a secret passage way to my man cave and a view to die for would also be on the list!

Kitchens are made for cooking; what’s your favourite thing to cook at home?

I love making casseroles, with lamb shank definitely being my favourite!

And a nice easy one to finish, sum up Kitchen Gallery in five words.

The future of kitchen design.