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28th November 2018


We spend five minutes with Dr Kam Lally to discover more about his new injectable treatments on offer at Flint + Flint. Perfect to help you feel rejuvenated for 2019.

What does an aesthetic doctors’ role generally entail?

“An aesthetic doctor can be quite broad, it can vary from skin care & advise to slightly more invasive treatments such as injectable treatments which this is primarily my focus. Things like using Botox to help with anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers to help rejuvenate areas of depleted volume and to add structure to certain area of the face. Sometimes the term aesthetic doctor can also be applied to people who do cosmetic surgery. The key thing to be clear on is that here at Flint + Flint we offer only non-surgical treatments.”

What made you get into this field of work and where was your starting point?

“After I finished my studies I moved to Leicester and started working in Leicester hospital. I initially wanted to become a paediatrician, so I had an academic post there and a lectureship. I then realised I wanted a better work life balance, so I went into general practise. As I was training in general practise, I really enjoyed my surgical jobs but in general practise you don’t really do that much hands on. I trained in minor surgery, but I still thought I wanted more hands-on procedures and from then I was introduced into the world of aesthetics in which I haven’t looked back. It is very satisfying to do, and it is quite nice to see such a broad amount of people and the effects it has on them.”

What experience do you have, and do you have any treatments you specialise in?

“I have been an aesthetic doctor for a number of years now and I am also a trainer in aesthetics, I have been doing that for approximately 18 months now. I specialise in the injectable treatments where I use a combination of toxin and fillers to rejuvenate the skin and to turn the clock back. We also have some medical uses of Botox for example, people who grind their teeth, people who have excessive sweating in their underarms, palms of hands or even soles of feet. It also can help with people who suffer from migraines.”

What is your favourite treatment to perform?

“My favourite treatment to do is cheek enhancement it helps with the overall face so much. One of the signs of ageing is your cheeks shrink and dissent and that can make your eyes look tired and your general appearance more saggy. So, when you treat the cheek area – we call this mid face, this can have a positive effect on the upper and lower face also.”

We’ve heard injectable treatments can be painful, is this true?

“Yes and no, there are certain treatments which can be a little painful such as lip enhancement however, we do use anaesthetic cream and the product we use also contains anaesthetic too. I use very fine needles when injecting to try and minimise the number of punctures and any discomfort. To be honest the remainder of treatments don’t tend to be painful we say out of ten lips tend to sit at a 6 and all other treatment don’t go over a 3.”

How long do the treatments normally last?

“It depends on the treatment you have, Botox being used as an anti-wrinkle treatment can last about 3-4 months depending on your metabolism. Fillers is very varied it depends on where we are placing the filler and what filler we have used. Generally, it can be anything from 6 to 18 months.”

What would I expect to pay on average for your treatments?

“They are luxury treatments, I always say you should have planned/budgeted for as maintenance is key. There are procedures such as the rhinoplasty treatment where you can save your self a lot of money in comparison to what you would pay for the alternative – surgery. It is a tenth of the cost and can last you up to 12-18 months without the downtime also. The treatments I perform start from £200.”

Why did you want to work with Flint + Flint?

“I am based in the midlands and The Mailbox is an iconic location. Flint + Flint are a young, dynamic brand they stood out to me being a little bit quirky and not your standard white, clinical environment. I just like the concept of an anti-spa, it’s a friendly team and a great location.”

Do you do this job full time?

“I am still a GP and mainly work in Coventry working for the NHS part time. The rest of my time is spent doing aesthetic treatments in clinics based in the West Midlands.”

How would someone go about starting their aesthetic journey?

“Do your research on finding a respectable practitioner, make sure they have an appropriate healthcare background e.g. doctor, nurse prescriber, dentist etc…  and, adequate qualifications in the aesthetic sector. It is also advisable to see a portfolio of their work either on their website/social media. This will give you an idea of what results to expect and what the practitioner can achieve. The next step is to book in for a consultation so that you can formulate a treatment plan together. At Flint + Flint our consultations are charged at £50 and this can then be redeemed against any treatments in clinic.”

To find out more, visit Flint + Flint or call them on 0121 740 1207.