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24th March 2022

Fine Art Meets Property As Castle Fine Art Partners With Lemon & Lime Interiors

Last month, Castle Fine Art announced its latest partnership with national home-staging company, Lemon & Lime Interiors. This partnership will enable the two brands to illustrate how statement pieces of art can make a home stand out in the hot property market and decrease its ‘For Sale’ time.

We caught up with Amy Harrison, brand influencer & relationship manager at Castle Fine Art, and Elaine Penhaul, founder of Lemon & Lime Interiors, to chat through what the partnership means to them…

What is the collaboration and why is it important?

Elaine: “This is an exciting partnership for Lemon & Lime Interiors, helping to bridge the gap between property and design, and demonstrate the importance of good décor in the home. It’s a unique collaboration that will enable us to incorporate fine art when staging our client’s properties to enhance saleability.

“Through investing in quality pieces, sellers are able to create a focal point at viewings that can resonate with prospective buyers at the upper end of the market – helping them to realise a home’s potential.”

Amy: “This partnership brings a multitude of benefits across the property sale process. For example, clients who may be looking to source a piece of original artwork to suit their property may fall in love with a piece and want to find it a permanent place in their new home.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Lemon & Lime Interiors, as we look to increase the visibility of our curated artwork in the property market, and look forward to seeing how Elaine and her team will integrate our pieces into their amazing property transformations.”


What do you feel artwork brings to the home/interiors and how can it transform a space?

Amy: “Art makes a home more human, bringing life into a room without having to change the fundamental surface of a wall. It is a great way to draw the eye to an interesting feature of the house – which helps buyers to see a property’s potential from the offset.

“Unlike words, art is a universal language that can connect and engage people. Alongside this, art not only tells a story but resonates with buyers and sellers who associate with it a familiar memory or location.”


Why should people invest in art for their home?

Amy: “Art pushes beyond the boundaries of the canvas or frame it is mounted within – it extends into the other décor in our home and even connects the outdoors with the indoors when nature is the subject.

“No matter where it is placed, a good piece of art can be the guiding framework of a room, and play an important part in assisting the overall layout for placing furniture and maximising the space available.”

How do you curate art for a home for staging?

Elaine: “Using furnishings such as fine art and prints that attract the target market can increase the offer value a property attracts by up to 15%, which makes it crucially important to consider the quality of furnishings when staging a home. It’s more than just an aesthetic, it’s about understanding people’s behaviours and evoking an emotion in the potential buyer.

“This new partnership highlights our motivation to provide an outstanding staging service to estate agents, developers and vendors.”