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18th October 2018


Be honest – when it comes to lighting your home, do you give it much thought?

Many of us don’t, opting to play it safe with objects that disappear into the background of our living space rather than make a statement. 

If your home is in need of an update, Elena Paparozzi, Lighting Buyer at Heal’s, has some sound advice on how to maximise the lighting in your space. Who knows, maybe after reading this you’ll have your own light bulb moment…

Is there a particular design you’re really excited about launching this season?

Absolutely – Tom Raffield’s elegant Quill pendant which is inspired by the organic form of seaweed found on the Cornish coast. Exemplifying the growing trend for natural materials within the home, the pendants beautifully play with light and shade to create an exquisite display. 

Gone are the days when a dimmer switch was your only option to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room. How far have we come in terms of mood lighting?

Incorporating different light fixtures throughout the scheme offers you the choice to alter the ambience by introducing layers of radiance throughout the day. Table lamps help create the perfect mood lighting and, actually, an integrated dimmer allows you to transform the space into an intimate scene.

Opting for a swooping floor lamp creates a dramatic spotlight over the sofa or an accent chair, and statement lighting will introduce personality while adding just the right amount of illumination for a relaxed ambience.

Should we look beyond the standard table lamp in our bedrooms?

You could free up space from your bedside table by hanging a decorative pendant over either side of the bed. Use the fittings to incorporate a touch of colour into neutral design schemes, and don’t be afraid to play with materials – glass fittings maximise on the popular exposed filament trend, while wooden designs inspire a rustic sense of nature within the room. 

Get your accessories right and you can really transform a room – how can we ensure we choose the right lamp shades for our particular space?

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colour, pattern and material – lamp shades are a great way to add depth to the room with a layer of personality and can be quickly updated across the seasons. 

To make a real statement, cluster bulbs in a waterfall formation from high ceilings; the soft droplets of illumination will make an elegant yet eye-catching addition. For smaller spaces, make an impact with a brightly patterned shade and match with a simple base to suit the hues within your existing scheme. 

People seem to be steering away from ceiling spotlights in kitchens now and opting for low-hung, softer lighting. If someone is embarking on a kitchen redesign, how should they choose the right lighting?

Concentrate the focus of your lighting to the food preparation area, and add soft droplets of illumination in the surrounding zones to create an intimate ambience when entertaining guests. For darker interiors, lift the energy with reflective pendants in a metallic finish – gold and brass tones work well within navy blue and charcoal interiors, while the mirrored quality of glass fixtures reflects the light to create a brighter feel. 

White, glossy interiors suit geometric shapes, marbled finishes and pops of colour – they create an eye-catching focal point when poised over an island.

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