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6th August 2013

Côte Brasserie Restaurant Review

Modern Approach to French Classics!

Popular French restaurant Côte Brasserie is one of Birmingham’s hidden gems. Nestled near the water’s edge at The Mailbox, the atmosphere is informal and the staff are very friendly. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Côte, they are very much missing out on what is on offer from their impeccable service and simple but elegant French food at a reasonable price!

Côte takes its inspiration for food and design from modern interpretation of the many famous bistros that populate Paris today. There has been a resurgence of interest in simple bistro cooking in Paris, as locals turn away from expensive and over complicated cooking in formal restaurants to return to the basics of French cuisine.

The menu always offers classic dishes such as Steak Frites, Moules Marinières, corn fed chicken from the heart of rural Brittany, alongside lighter dishes such as Tuna Niçoise, Calamari or Crêpes Provençale.

Crème Caramel (pictured below) and Crème Brulee are house specialities for dessert.

Côte is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also offers seasonal specials, which is great if you’re a regular diner.

Bon Appetit x