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14th November 2017


Harvey Nichols has launched an exclusive range of beers brewed just a few miles from its luxury Mailbox store. The distinctive Brummie tipples have been created locally by Birmingham Brewing Company, based in Stirchley.

The brewery was established just a year ago with the aim of providing high quality beer and Harvey Nichols is stocking three of the company’s best sellers – Pale Brummie, Bitter Brummie and Gold Brummie.

The beer is sold in 100% recyclable cans rather than bottles to ensure the best flavour by avoiding any light or oxygen damaging the drink: light causes a chemical reaction with hop oils altering their flavour and aroma; while exposure to oxygen not only makes beer go off faster, it also dulls the flavour.

“We believe that the only way to make great beer is to use the best ingredients we can find,” explains Paul Harwood, from Birmingham Brewing Company. “We use water from the Welsh Mountains, traditional British floor-malted barley and the freshest hops we can get our hands on. The result of this, and our focus on quality, means that we create distinctive beers and flavours.”


Pale Brummie: British floor malt is combined with local bittering hops and New World citrus hops to produce a thirst-quenching freshness.


Bitter Brummie: British caramel floor malt is mixed with triple hops for bitterness, while liquorice and tropical fruit aromas add depth and intensity.


Gold Brummie: British pale floor malt and a mix hops creates maximum bitterness and the fullest flavour.

The range is available from the Harvey Nichols Wine Shop priced at £3 per can.