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27th August 2021

Canalside At Mailbox Voted One Of Birmingham’s Favourite Places To ‘Take A Breath’ In New Survey

A brand-new survey has revealed Canalside at Mailbox as the third most popular place in Birmingham for local people to ‘take a breath’ and connect with their lungs.

Councillor Zaffar MBE and David Pardoe, Head of Marketing at Mailbox

The survey, commissioned by Taskforce for Lung Health, invited local residents to name their favourite city location where they can enjoy their own breathing space, as part of a brand-new awareness campaign around lung health.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a 15-acre garden in Edgbaston, was the most popular choice followed by city locations Cannon Hill Park, Canalside at Mailbox, Winterbourne Gardens and St Paul’s Square.

The campaign is encouraging people in Birmingham to pause and ‘take a breath’ for five minutes this Bank Holiday weekend and appreciate the vital role our lungs play.

To find out more about the Taskforce for Lung Health ‘Take a Breath’ campaign, and how you can get involved, click here or follow the hashtag #BreatheInBrum – don’t forget to head to Canalside at Mailbox this weekend to take a breath for yourself!