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28th June 2013

Behind the Scenes – Five Minutes with Gemma Billingham

Mailbox Group Spa Manager Gemma Billingham on work, ketchup and lip gloss.

Tell us about a typical working day for you…

A typical day involves getting into site, preparing for the day, team meeting to boost morale and organise & plan our day. Constantly ensuring standards are met, rushing around & meeting the fast pace environment that we live in but ensuring guests only see calm & tranquillity.

What has been your career highlight here so far?

Career highlight for me so far is working as Group Spa Manager as this allows me to work throughout the UK for Malmaison & Hotel du Vin working on improving and developing the other 6 spa sites.

Tell us something about you that no-one else knows….

I have tomato ketchup with almost every meal – random!

What’s the best thing about working in The Mailbox?

Lunchtimes are special

What one item can you not live without?

Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Gloss

What is your favourite past time?

Believe it or not …having spa treatments – ‘time out’ is the best place ever for rejuvenation!

If Hollywood made a film about your life, who would play you?

Oooh, someone who is a bit random, has a mixture of personalities probably Minnie Driver!

What was the last app or song you downloaded?

The last song I downloaded was actually Mirrors – Justin Timberlake