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13th October 2014

Behind the scenes at our Christmas Campaign Shoot…beauty

Did you spot our Christmas photo shoot taking place on the iconic front steps of The Mailbox last week? From styling the perfect up-do to choosing the all-important gown and accessories, we couldn’t wait to see it all come together on the day!

After a visit to the Nicky Clarke Salon, our beautiful model Kyra was whisked over to the team at Benefit in Harvey Nichols. Creating this classic screen-siren look, the team used a selection of Benefit products available in-store.

See how you can achieve this beautiful look here…

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– Apply ‘That Gal’ primer using a foundation brush then spritz your face with ‘Ultra Radiance facial re-hydrating mist’ for a natural glow.

– Apply ‘Hello Flawless foundation using tips of fingers and ‘Benefit foundation brush’ to smooth the edges, making sure to blend in below the chin into the neckline.

– Apply ‘Long wear powder eye-shadow’ in Brilliant Silver using fingertips and blend using ‘Powder Shadow brush’ into the contours of the eye. Once applied use ‘Bad Gal waterproof eyeliner’ to create fine line of definition around the eye.

– Using a cotton wool bud apply ‘Benetint’ this will act as a base to help your lip colour stay for longer! To get fuller more prominent lips use ‘Hydra smooth lip colour’ in Dare me red for stand out.

– Next apply ‘Pin up’ multi layered lashes for seductive drama; apply a thin line of lash glue along the base of the lash and allow to set for 30 seconds until tacky, then apply to the base of the natural lashes working from the outer corner inwards. Once fixed apply a thin layer of ‘They’re Real’ Mascara for the ultimate affect.

– Finally, apply a mixture or ‘Dallas’ blusher and ‘Holla’ bronzer along the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead using the ‘Benefit blush brush’ for a natural glow, finished with a touch of ‘High Beam’ enhancing the complexion along the cheekbone and voila!


Dallas blusher £23.50
That Gal primer £22.50
Hoola bronzer £23.50
High Beam £19.50
Benetint lip and cheek stain £24.50
Hydra smooth lip colour in Dare Me £15.00
Hello Flawless foundation £26.50
Benefit foundation brush £2.50
They’re Real mascara in Black £19.50
Bad Gal Waterproof eyeliner £15.50
Ultra Radiance facial re-hydrating mist £20.50
Long wear powder eye-shadow in Brilliant Silver £15.50
Benefit blush brush £23.50
Pin-up lash £12.00
Powder shadow brush £18.50