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23rd October 2013


Floral or woody, spicy or fresh – whatever fragrance you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and individual style. Our Fashion & Beauty Editor LISA PIDDINGTON reveals what to look for when picking perfumes.

When Marilyn Monroe declared she wore nothing in bed except Chanel No5, the fragrance became a best-seller across the globe. Today, 60 years after the actress’s breathless confession, it remains the world’s top-selling perfume, with a bottle sold every 30 seconds.

While Monroe will be forever associated with the famous fragrance, many women struggle to find their signature scent. Either they are unsure which smells suit them best or stick with the same one year in year out, regardless of time of year or even time of day.

With the vast array of bottles on the shelves, it can be hard picking the right one for you. After all, perfume is a very personal choice and just because one works for a friend, it doesn’t follow that it will work on you too. Because the notes mix with the natural oils on your skin they can smell very different from one person to the next.

You need to find which category of fragrance suits you best – try a variety of floral, citrus, Oriental, woody or marine aromas to find your favourite. Remember though, our noses can only take in a maximum of three smells only so don’t be tempted to try a whole range of perfumes in one go. Leave it for ten minutes then have a good sniff to get the true fragrance.

Pictured, from top left: Dolce & Gabbana, £64 (50ml) ; Benefit EDP, £29.50 (30ml); Prada Candy EDT, £37.50 (30ml); Just Cavalli EDT, £52 (75ml).